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Domaine de Sarraute - 32460 - LE HOUGA - Naturisme en Gascogne

Country of valleys and coteaux, Gers offers really beautiful views.
The great importance of polyculture gives this rural area a large variety of colours.
For example, colza, soya, sunflower, wheat, corn are grown,
but also vine : Armagnac, Côtes de Gascogne, Floc de Gascogne,
Madiran-Pacherenc du Vic Bilh, Saint Mont et Côtes du Condomois.
In France, Gers is number 1 for organic grain culture and number 5 for organic cultivated area.

The presence of man and his ancestors in the Gers goes back to ancient times whose story
is told in museums spread across the department.
They have left their mark on many sites to visit, such as Séviac, Eauze or Larresingle.

collégiale La Romeu

Collégiale de la Romieu

The whole collegiate St Pierre church,
essential site in the Gers tourism,
was founded in the fourteenth century
by Cardinal Arnaud d'Aux,
influential figure in the papal court
of Clement V.

Its construction lasted two hundred years
(1489 - 1680), which explains the variety
of styles: Gothic Flamboyant for the whole work, and Renaissance for the facade flanked
by two 44 metre-towers.
• windows of Arnaud de Moles are among the most beautiful stained glass windows of the sixteenth century
• oak choir, made of high and low stalls which contains over 1500 carved figures,
• great organ of the seventeenth century.
Visitors measure the influence of the historic capital of Gascony that was Auch and the power of its archbishopric whose authority extended from Pyrenees to the gates of Bordeaux and from the suburbs of Toulouse to the Atlantic Ocean. The St. Mary's Cathedral is a major site on the ways to Saint Jacques de Compostelle listed by UNESCO
as World-Heritage sites.

La cathédrale Ste Marie d'Auch

cathédrale d'Auch


D'Artagnan et le château de Lupiac :

Everyone knows the emblematic figure of the Gers, Charles de Batz de Castelmore,
famous under the name of d'Artagnan,
to whom Louis XIV gave this castle
which is now private property.


Bassoues: a covered marketplace in the heart of the village is a typical construction of Gers.

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