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Domaine de Sarraute - 32460 - LE HOUGA - Naturisme en Gascogne

Gastromy of the Gers

The Gascon cuisine is above all rural and popular and it has, as it is said, its Holy Trinity:
foie gras, duck magret, confit!

The ducks and geese are the basis of many recipes, but other local products make the wealth of this terroir where it feels good to live:
farm poultry, pear of Auch,
melon of Lectoure, garlic of Lomagne ...
without forgetting of course Armagnac, Floc, Madiran, St. Mont, Pacherenc, etc.,
which accompany so well the meals,
before, after or during.

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If the gersoise gastronomy is so renowned
this is due essentially
to the quality
of its products,
many of which
are indeed labeled.

An example:

what could be simpler than potatoes?

But sauté them with duck fat for a cooking start
and then cook them in dry white wine Côtes de Gascogne, with garlic and parsley, salt, pepper

and you will get a king meal!



Les recettes du Domaine de Sarraute : la Garbure, le parmentier de canard et la crème brûlée au floc de Gascogne.

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