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Pallieter - 22130 - BOURSEUL- Naturism in Bretagne - Côtes d'Armor

Brittany’s gastronomy has a good reputation and is characterised by its simplicity , its authenticity and the quality of products used.
For a long time it was considered boorish and not refined.
Nowadays ‘Breton cuisine’ is regarded as one of the best of France, for its high quality and many good restaurants.
Also prices of the culinary specialities are quite reasonable. And now, what’s on the menu ?

The “plateau fruits de mer

is one of the highlights of the French gastronomy.

This seafood dish usually includes a variety of shellfish

and it is served on a tray on ice and seaweed.

You can eat it as a starter or as a main course, whichever you like.

plateau de fruits de mer

Oysters can be eaten raw on the half shell, and chilled but not frozen.

Usually they are served with lemon,a vinaigrette of little onions, salted butter and bread.

Galettes (or Breton pancakes) are similar to crêpes,

the difference is that galettes are prepared with buckwheat flour.

They are frequently garnished with egg, meat, fish, cheese, or similar ingredients.

There is a very wide choice of galettes,so you will always find one you like.



For desert there is
far breton
a flan with prunes


One of the favourite Breton drinks,
which often accompanies
the galettes and crêpes,
is of course cidre,
traditionally served in a ‘bolée’,
a ceramic cup

bières bretonne

The Breton people also like beer, nowadays you will find over 20 breweries in Brittany and over 80 different kinds of beer.
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