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Pallieter - 22130 - BOURSEUL- Naturism in Bretagne - Côtes d'Armor

Brittany, with its Celtic language
and rich culture, has its own flag,
the ‘Gwenn ha du’, 9 black and white stripes illustrate the 9 dioceses, North and South,
united in Brittany.
The 11 ermine tails, represent the 11 dukes
and duchesses who reigned over Brittany.
 drapeau breton

Brittany has its own special character,

with its own language, its customs and traditions.

The music, costumes and legends

contribute to this character.


The music is mostly Celtic, the Breton bagpipes, flute and drums
form the basis of a music group called the ‘bagadou’.

Together with the diatonic accordion and hurdy-gurdy.

They provide cheerful dance music.

Also the Celtic harp is famous, in July you can discover the harp in Dinan.
‘Rencontres internationales de harpe celtique’


The fest-noz is the traditionalball in Brittany.

During the year many festoù-noz are celebrated.

 danses bretonnes

The legends.

Of course there are the ‘Korigans’, small creatures that haunt the forests
and live near the fountains.

The Côte d’Emeraude hides in her sheer cliffs fairies
like the Celtic sirens that tempt the sailors into their world


The tourist offices in Plancoët en Dinan
welcome you during the summer
and help you make your choice of all the events and festivals


 fête des remparts

In Dinan,

‘Ville d’Art et de l’histoire’

every two years "la Fête des Remparts"