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season 2018

The members of the Naturisme et terroirs group met,
in General Meeting, October 6 & 7 at the Mas de Lignières.

le groupe

On Saturday afternoon,
after a buffet of specialties of each terroir,
the group keeped its General Meeting.

In the evening, tasting a succulent cooked cassoulet by the family of Jeannette.

Sunday morning,
visit of Minerve and the campsite.

Last meal (leftovers)
and back in our homes.

The conviviality remains the key word of Naturism and terroirs.


Mas de Lignieres


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les couleurs

PALLIETER en Bretagne

You have been very many to visit Brittany and Pallieter this year.
Under the sun that shone and a pleasant warmth throughout the summer,
many new holidaymakers have taken advantage of the richness
of our region and its beautiful coastline.
The campsite filled well,
there was a good atmosphereand good participation in meals and activities.

cote d'émeraudePallieter

After an extensive renovation, the pool was ready to refresh you to the delight of all.


Thank you to all who made this season a memorable season.
We have many plans for the winter and welcome you from April 27, 2019.
See you soon.

L'OLIVERIE en Poitou

At Oliverie, the 2018 season is over and what a season!
A season filled with emotions: world football champion!
A season filled with sunshine: great! we have plenty of vitamins D!

A season filled with great vacationers: thank you for your good mood!
So, lots of new projects for 2019 at Oliverie ...

Stay tuned!

LAULURIE en Périgord

Because of a very wet winter and spring,
The meadow was able to withstand the fiery sun that shone all summer.

camping basboulangerie

The season has passed calmly, with good humor and friendliness.
New naturists have discovered the virtues of a 100% shared nudity.
The communal meals were a great success.
Bread and pastries, cooked on site were greatly appreciated.
In early September, the last campers were able to see
a hot air balloon landed in the meadow below the pool.


In 2019, Laulurie will be open from June 1st to August 31st.
We await you for a peaceful, friendly holidays but also cultural,
The Dordogne is one of the richest departments of tourist sites
(castles, caves, medieval villages etc.) to next year.


A family spirit is what stands out most of the opinions of our holidaymakers.
A great family that finds itself and grows from year to year
to party and relax.
The party with in season:
piano bar, karaoke, campfire, concert meal and gourmet evening.


Relaxation with sauna and free jacuzzi, massages of Christelle and Cendrine,
the pools with a 180 ° view, and the oak forest that brings a soothing force.
But also sport with petanque, volleyball, badminton,
ping pong, basketball, hiking and water aerobics
This year again everyone enjoyed living together
to make beautiful meetings in a 100% respected nudity.
A big thank you to our very dynamic and smiling staff
without which this atmosphere could not exist.


Next year more surprises await you
for even more comfort and conviviality, see you soon.


The extension of the snack-bar by the shelter of 90 m ² built this year allowed 
having good time with the campers: convivial meals and welcome drinks,
and of course, long discussions just for remaking the world.


Idleness around the pool on our new deckchairs was really appreciated
during the high summer heat.


We have had the pleasure of welcoming neo-naturists of all ages,
what is encouraging and seems to be a good sign for our movement.
New developments are in progress, you will discover them by coming back to see us.
A big thank you to all!




Autumn is here,
the season is over
and we are in full storage
before winter.

Always a lot of rain,
it's a year like this ...

But fortunately the seasons
are all different,
so we are hopeful
and full of plans
for the next season.


terrasse fleurie

A big thank you to those who came.
Take good care of yourself for the coming winter.

Yves et cheval

We look forward to seeing you in top form at Haut Chandelalar next summer.

MESSIDOR en Provence

Rain in May, grass all summer! So we invested in equipment
electric brushing so as not to disturb the peace of your days.
So you could enjoy the tranquility around the pool and bowls,


Table d'hôte meals, both gourmet and convivial and themed evenings
(songs on the terrace, introduction to online dance, acoustic music ...)
At Western Days, Rebel Girls presented us with a new cheerleader show
and have been joined by many cowboys and indians.
Street fighting and Amerindian dances came to enrich the show.


We hope to see them again next year!
Now is the time for the work but you will know more in the spring. See you soon !


A little bit of eye back on the 2018 season.

At the swimming pool, you have enjoyed its relaxation area and have loved its nocturnes.


Seasonal workers from Salagou and Octon all gathered for a festive evening:
They join me in thanking you for your coming, always so rich in exchanges.


The Village du Bosc team is preparing its new welcome projects and,
while waiting to see you again, wish you a very good winter.


Mas de Lignières

Cette année
l’été était très chaud 
en minervois ,
chacun y cherchait l’ombre.

Et puis ,
le 19 juillet
Mamy frites a profité
de la chaleur de l’été
pour s’envoler
vers d’autres cieux .

mamy frites

Maintenant les oiseaux migrateurs se sont eux aussi envolés
Et le jardin est tout peigné et tout débroussaillé
prêt à vous accueillir dès le 15 mai prochain.


Bien à vous tous

LE MAS DE LA BALMA en Catalogne

We had a great summer in your company, atmosphere and conviviality were,
as always, at the rendezvous.

Thank you for being faithful to us
and to have allowed us to serve you.

Throughout the summer,
the various animations
have always been good times.



After the close of September 15, the campsite has prepared for winter,
time of cleaning and storage of firewood.
At the end of this 2018 season, there is no time to pause,
we continue the work in our future home.

boistravaux mas

We thank you again and again for your trust.
The team of Mas de la Balma.