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Laulurie en Périgord- 24330 - LA DOUZE - Naturism in Dordogne - Périgord
According to whether one was
a `peasant` or `gentry`,
the table was furnished differently.
For the Croquants (yokels) : `miques` of corn .
Boiled chicken with more vegetables than chicken.
Chestnut cake accompanied by the farmhouse wine
For the Gentle folk:
Terrine of truffle foie gras.
Omelette with wild mushrooms. Portion of pickled duck.
Goat cheese.
Cake duchesse de Sarlat.
All washed down with Monbazillac and Bergerac wine.
Gastronomy of Laulurie
At the friendly `get-together`meals
you will be a yokel but `gentle folk`
in the barn which becomes a
restaurant gastronomique twice each week.

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