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Laulurie en Périgord- 24330 - LA DOUZE - Naturism in Dordogne - Périgord

Summer in Périgord, that means thousands of events.
The Félibrée which brings together thousands of people
at the most unassuming country fête, where a friendly spirit, traditionand good-living unite.
Folklore in Périgord is the rediscovering of its roots and the true identity of the region. The Félibrée celebrates these traditions, it is the fête of the Occitanie,
an event which takes place every first Sunday in July
in a chosen Commune.

Different events continue all through the summer.

Concerts (rock, organ recitals, Irish music etc) ;

spectacles like `son et lumière`,

water festivals, night markets etc.

.Summer is the festival season in the Dordogne.
From mid July until the end of August
the abbey of Saint Amand de Coly
and the church of St. Léon sur Vézère
serve as the centres for the Festival
of Music in the Périgord Noir.

- From the end of July until the beginning of August :
the Festival of the `Jeux de Théâtre de Sarlat`
(The Festival of Theatrical Productions at Sarlat).
It is the oldest theatrical festival in France (1951),
where not only are the greatest names in the world of the theatre assembled for productions, but also fosters the meeting with the public in various places as prestigious as La Place de la Liberté, the hôtel Plamon
( XVI Cent.), le Jardin des Enfeus or the Abbey St. Claire.

- Beginning of August at Périgueux, Mimos gives words to actions. Created in 1983, - The International Festival of Mime in Périgueux gave a certain quality to the town and a reputation for mime.
- At Montignac, during the second fortnight of July, the Festival of the Arts and Popular Traditions which furnishes the opportunity for both friendship and the getting together of different nationalities.

Festivals and cultural events in Périgord

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