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Château Guiton - 33760 - FRONTENAC - Naturism in Bordelais, Entre deux Mers

It is here in the vine-growing region known as Entre-Deux-Mers
that two very famous wines are produced,
namely Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur.
Our region also produces an extremely good dry white wine called,
how else but Entre-Deux-Mers
as well as some great sweet wines like Cadillac and Loupiac.

cave bordelaise

alose en matelotte

For sure wine is widely used
in the preparation and cooking of meat, rib steak,
snails prepared according to the manner
adopted in Bordeaux area,
fish from the Garonne and Dordogne rivers such as eels, shad (a fat herring) and `pibales`
(young eels also called in French `civelles`).

At the Château Guiton
we also like to cook the specialities
of our near neighbours in Les Landes,
for example: fillet of duck and preserved duck
are often served at table.

dégustation de bordeaux

les "recettes de Château Guiton" : magret de canard au pomerol - cannelés bordelais

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