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Château Guiton - 33760 - FRONTENAC - Naturism in Bordelais, Entre deux Mers

The lover of old buildings will discover the area is exceptionally rich with many dating from the Middle Ages ; abbeys, great priories gothic churches, Norman sculptures, humble houses, forts or châteaux dating from the times of the English in the region.

He may visit walled towns and villages of great character which are ofter perched on steep slopes.

Also he will discover numerous manor houses of the XVI and XVII Cent. It is however rather the rural architecture which really puts its seal on the countryside : fortified water-mills, old farms, wells, fountains and dove-cotes.

cloître de Saint Emilion


Traces of the Hundred Years War and of the presence of the English are numerous.

One can relive the last battle of the Hundred Years War through the medium of a magnificent show of `Son et Lumière` in the market town which still bears the name :


Ten walled towns (bastides), founded in the XVIII Cent.and ruled over by the English, spead themselves around their central squares encircled by arcades.

la bataille de Castillon/><br />
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Lovers of Jazz will appreciate in mid July the Festival of Monségur.
The Festival of `Musiques du Monde` (Music from around the world) held at the end of July in Langon gives one the opportunity to discover talent from the four corners of the earth. As for the `Festival des Arts de la Rue` at Libourne,
it is a real feast for the eyes, an everlasting dazzling spectacle
- `A Smash Hit !`, as they say.
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