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le Haut Chandelalar - 06850 - BRIANCONNET - Naturism in Haut Pays Grassois

 Haut Pays grassois

Between the high mountains
and the Mediterranean
the pré-Alpes grassoises are characterized
by a series of parallel mountain chains
running east/west,
of which the altitude varies
between 1100 and 1600 m.

These chains are cut by narrow,
wild gorges known as " clues "
and which allow the passage of fast flowing streams and routes towards the sea


The alpine vegetation cohabits with the Mediterranean flora and we pass
without change from forests of pines and larch to `restanques` covered with olive trees.

Region of pastoralisme`(animal breeding) which witnesses every year the movement of thousands of sheep to the high alpine pastures.

Well marked walks will lead you into the infinite richness of this county side.

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