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le Haut Chandelalar - 06850 - BRIANCONNET - Naturism in Haut Pays Grassois

The traditional cuisine of Provence is characterised by the use of garlic, olives and herbs of Provence.
It is both simple and healthy, as in the example : The `pan bagnat`, a sandwich of rawonions, tomatoes, lettuce and anchovies in olive oil.
The `pissaladière`, an onion tart seasoned with purée of anchovies et black olives.
The `pizza`, known worldwide.
The `ratatouille', a stew of tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and courgettes cooked in oil.
The `farcis`, tomatoes, peppers, onionsthe centres of which are scooped out and filled with stuffing.
All those vegetables often are served with :
`L`agneau de montagne`(mountain lamb), together with wine from the vines cultivated on the hills of Nice.
Goats cheeses and the`tourta de bléa`
(pie of chard and pine nuts) Such will pleasantly round off your meal.
You will be able to taste at your leisure these dishes carefully cooked in the old bread oven during your stay, the famous chocolate desserts cooked by Yves as well as the bread and the breakfast breads (brioches, croissants etc.)
which come out warm from the oven
every morning thanks to Grégoire. 
the recipes of Haut Chandelalar :
la tourte aux blettes.
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